Re: APCC move axis question

Brent Boshart

If this is helpful to the conversation, I have done extensive testing with APCC 1.9 with my Mach2 using the Moveaxis command with software I am working on. My software is satellite tracking at significant magnification so I am expecting precise responses from Moveaxis commands.  Programming through the RS232 to the mount firmware (no APCC, no ASCOM), I get excellent responses with the :RR and :RD commands (moveaxis).   Using APCC 1.9 and ASCOM, I get the same excellent responses using the ASCOM moveaxis command with "Enable Pointing Correction" checked only.  If I check "Enable Tracking Correction" I get unexpected responses from the moveaxis command.  For my application only pointing correction is important to me so I can turn tracking correction off.  Another observation, if I turn sidereal tracking off (in the case of a geostationary satellite) then the position coordinates displayed no longer have pointing correction applied - this appears to be by design though.

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