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Dale Ghent

Catching up on my email and this thread -

I have also noticed this issue since I started using APCC Pro and models late last year, I just haven't had the time or reason to run it to ground until now because punching the NSEW buttons in any app has been a rare need for me and I couched it as something to look into later when I didn't have more pressing things to test or attend to. The new polar alignment plugin in NINA uses the MoveAxis() methods as a part of what it does, so this issue is getting wider visibility now.

I did notice the same behavior with SharpCap's manual controls using any of its pre-defined list of rates, so my original suspicions that NINA was doing something wrong with MoveAxis() and rate selection were dispelled with that (and I was suspecting that was the case at first, given the minefield that MoveAxis() and aptly-named IRate interface can be in terms of the standards ambiguity that you've pointed out). I think Andy also mentioned that he was also seeing this under SGPro, which brings the number of apps experiencing this anomaly to at least 3. I PA with SharpCap Pro's PA tool then and for now, and I do the 90* movement that it requires using the APJog utility which doesn't use MoveAxis(), at least when moving the scope in set increments.

I did just look back through my AP ASCOM and APCC logs to a time in the past where I know I tried exercising MoveAxis() commands via the polar alignment plugin, and this is the only mention of "MoveAxis" I see in the logs (timestamp elided for brevity)

ASCOM: Info : GET Slewing = False, MoveAxis(0)=0, MoveAxis(1)=0

All instances of when MoveAxis() was exercised in the app look like the above. The head-scratcher is that there's nothing that seems obvious in relation to moveaxis in the corresponding APCC log. I can zip the two together and forward it to you if you'd like.

Between the hurricane remnants moving towards here and day job stuff, I doubt I will be able to uncover my mount and look into this in detail anytime soon, at least during this week.


On Aug 30, 2021, at 08:42, Ray Gralak <> wrote:

Ray, The only difference that I see is that you are connected via TCP LAN/WIFI while I am connected through
Andy, I also tried using a serial port connection to the mount, which to APCC is the same as the virtual COM port in a USB connection. Again, there was no unexpected behavior.

The only thing left is for you to use the APCC log zipper and zip your APCC and ASCOM logs from last night. It is important to include both logs, so make sure that you use the APCC Log zipper and not the ASCOM Log Zipper (they are two different utilities). If you could provide me with a download like to the zip file, I'll take a look.

Also, what is the exact version number of NINA that you are using?


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Ray, The only difference that I see is that you are connected via TCP LAN/WIFI while I am connected through

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