Re: #APCC Pro 1.9 w/ASTAP platesolve test always fails #APCC


To the OP,
A few weeks ago, I upgraded Windows 10 to 19043, and began having problems with a number of applications. This included the same
sort of problems you have mentioned. I installed APCC and tried running a model, and it just would not solve 2+2.  Whenever this happens
to me, and the whole user world isn't screaming, I start looking at my particular environment. I have to assume it's not the application. In this
case, I had to give controlled folder access to APCC, Maxim, and Pinpoint, and provide private firewall access to Pinpoint. Now everything
solves locally in about 15 seconds and my environment is still secure, as much as it can be.  I don't know anything about your environment,
but its worth looking at your security plan and making necessary changes.

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