Re: #APCC Pro 1.9 w/ASTAP platesolve test always fails #APCC

Sébastien Doré

Ray wrote:
I am not sure if this is a bug in APPM or simply incorrect keyword values in the FITS but this is the problem:

OBJCTRA = ' 6 30 38.84' / Object J2000 RA in Hours
OBJCTDEC= ' 4 56 54.41' / Object J2000 DEC in Degrees
Ray wrote:
According to the NASA FITS standard at the link below, leading spaces in a character string ARE significant. So, the OBJCTRA and OBJCTDEC keywords in the FITS file you supplied should not have the leading space before the RA and Dec values. So, you might want to try notifying the authors of the application (INDI?) that created that image.

Just to circle back around this one, I contacted the INDI developper and that specific issue (leading space character int the FITS header RA/DEC coordinates) has been fixed in the latest INDI version (1.9.1). The version I used to create the "faulty image" was about 6 months old (1.8.9), for reference.

Clear skies,

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