Re: Mach2 Problem with RS232 Connections.

Stacey Mills

Even though I'm fine with things working as they do now, I love a mystery, so I swapped out the RocketPort card for a spare that I had....same result.  Tried swapping the cables as well, and updating/repairing the drivers.  I'm sure the boards were seated well.  Strangely, they work in test/null modem mode.  First time I've ever had an issue with these cards but this is the only PCIe one that I have used.  Too hot to fool with it any more today.  I'm satisfied it has something to do with Windows10, the drivers or the motherboard, but my alternate solution with the 4-port USB->serial works fine so that's enough for now.  At least I know not to throw away the RocketPort cards!


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