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Roland Christen

Periodic error can be describes as speed bumps at regular intervals on the road. The PE curve measures those and applies the opposite movement so that the ride is smooth (and your head doesn't hit the roof at every bump). PE doesn't compensate for the curve in the road.

Drift is the slow curve in the road which has to be compensated by steering the car (autoguiding) or by putting software into the steering mechanism which measures the curve and then applies the appropriate amount of steering to keep the car on the road. Periodic error has no effect on how the model steers the vehicle (in this case the mount) to eliminate drift.


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Hi Roland,

Having had some sleep now (severely deprived) I see what you mean about the previous curve being better. A flatter curve to work with and then I use the model to correct for PA and other factors not worm gear related.

I'll reload the previous curve and re-test with PEM and make a new new model.

Also Ray:
My previous assumption was that the PEC file was corrupt and was throwing off the model numbers leading to the incorrect model and therefore causing drift.


Roland Christen

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