Re: Mach2 Problem with RS232 Connections.

Ray Gralak


That's great news! I am glad it was something you can correct without having to send in your CP5!


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Hi Ray, I've got the problem solved. I went back out into the HOT observatory and the USB->serial connection to
the CP5 worked! I'm not sure what the issue was earlier. I again tested my RocketPort card with a null modem
between two card ports and a couple of terminal programs (TeraTerm) and it seemed to work fine. However, I
figured I'd pull out a separate USB->4 serial port adapter that I had and see if that would work, AND IT DID, on both
CP5 RS232 ports. So the problem lies with my RocketPort card and not the CP5. I'm not sure why the terminal
programs worked and the CP5 didn't but I won't pursue that at the moment. Since the serial ports are backups to
the ethernet anyway, I'm happy using that setup and I'll yank the RocketPort card for now. So sorry to have caused
an issue that was really on my end. Thanks!


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