Re: GTO vs AE/AEL data #Absolute_Encoders

Roland Christen

On Aug 19 Mr. Linwood posted some results comparing his new 1100AE mount to previous mounts that he owned. Below is his post, which might be informative to you:

" I’ve only had 3 nights I could image, but have been doing objects I did with other mounts to compare (I saved the old subs).  Wanted to share a typical result.
This is Sii for the bubble nebula at 2800mm, 300s images, at 0.277”/pix, FWHM is in arcseconds.  The left 3/4 or so were from a CEM70G, the right is from the AP1100.  The left were heavily culled to get more consistency, the right is EVERY SINGLE SUB from last night.  Same camera, OTA, imaging train… just different mounts.
I also have similar for the MyT, the main difference is on the MyT I didn’t have to cull so much.
It’s easy to think it may be night to night variation (and some may be) but every target is like this.  The jagged left side is three separate nights.  What impresses me is not just that the stars are smaller points, but the consistency – that flat line on the right is about 5 hours, over maybe 20 degrees altitude (at a guess), and did I mention every single sub included, no culling.
THAT’s why waiting is worthwhile!

Roland Christen

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