APPM and ASCOM camera: Fail to Star Exposure

Ken Sablinsky

Hit sent too early!

I did a dec tracking arc run last night via APPM and ASTAP, and it worked flawlessly except for in one camera configuration.  I have an ASCOM camera, Orion 26mp Mono, and if I set the binning to 2x2, and full frame, it fails the exposure with this error: ASCOM CCD Expose Failed(1): StartExposure.
1 2021-08-28 09:34:23.830:       Info,  StartTakeImage, ASCOM Camera: Binning=2, Subframe Type: 0, Duration=3, IsDarkFrame=False
2 2021-08-28 09:34:23.845:       Info,          MsgBox, Message: ASCOM CCD Expose Failed(1): StartExposure
3 2021-08-28 09:34:26.027:       Info,   State Machine, Entering State=WaitPlateSolveNow

If I set the sub frame to 1/2 by 1/2 or 1/4 by 1/4, it works fine.  And if I set the binning to 1x1, it works in all subframe modes as well.  I can use SGP with ASTAP as the solver, and it works fine via 2x2 full frame, just not when doing stand alone APPM and ASTAP.  This is a minor issue as there is an easy workaround to run it as a sub frame, but any idea if the problem is in the ASCOM driver or in my APPM settings?  
Here is a successful exposure wit hthe subframe turned on:
0 2021-08-28 09:34:34.852:       Info,  StartTakeImage, ASCOM Camera: Binning=2, Subframe Type: 1, Duration=3, IsDarkFrame=False
0000021 2021-08-28 09:34:35.798:       Info,   State Machine, Entering State=WaitPlateSolveNow
0000022 2021-08-28 09:34:38.971:       Info,   State Machine, WaitPlateSolveNow: Exposure Done. Saving to: C:\Users\kensa\Documents\Astro-Physics\APPM\
0000023 2021-08-28 09:34:42.470:       Info,   State Machine, Entering State=PlateSolveOnlyNow


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