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Roland Christen

You should have left the old curve in there. This new PE correction is NOT correcting for periodic error like the last one. It may have made it worse.

Please think about what the PE correction does and does not do:
1) PE correction eliminates the slow periodic wiggles in the RA tracking
2) PE correction does NOT remove the drift, nor does it produce drift.
3) PE correction does absolutely nothing to the Dec tracking or Dec drift. Dec is stationary and does not move.

The only reason drift is there or not is due to polar alignment, atmospheric refraction and other effects.
I'm afraid you are chasing red herrings down a blind alley because of fundamental misunderstanding of what PE correction does (and perhaps what modeling is supposed to do?) It is a complex subject and I cannot really cover everything in a few sentences. All I can do is to try leading you slowly down the proper path, but if you go off on a side adventure then it becomes difficult to get back to the right path. Unfortunately your side adventure was to make a new PE curve without waiting for my input of the tests that I suggested.


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Then re-ran PHD with the new curve.

The RA doesn't drift now like it did previously. I see a couple of arc-seconds of plus/minus movement but still better than before.

Roland Christen

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