Re: Mach2 Problem with RS232 Connections.

Ray Gralak


The reason I am asking is to test APCC's configuration. It's possible that both:

1) USB-serial port driver has an issue.
2) APCC is set up incorrectly.

If could try this test:
1) Start the test from a powered OFF state.
2) Turn the mount on.
3) Start APCC manually, but do not configure it to connect to the ASCOM driver.
4) Connect to the mount and let it run for 5-10 seconds, even if you see errors.
5) Close APCC.

Find the latest APCC log file and post it here. You can find APCC logs here:



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No, CP4 is in another observatory. I would be a LITTLE easier to take the CP5 over to the other observatory and
try it there. I assume this won't change any settings on that system???? I'd rather not disturb a working system
and think this is a longshot, though since the USB driver port doesn't work either and that's an entirely different
setup. Would there be any reason to redo the firmware on the CP5???


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