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Roland Christen

The target will move a few hundred pixels over the coarse of the night.
Did the target move in RA or Dec?


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I'm very happy that V1.9 now works with NINA and ASTAP.
Model building was very straightforward and quick.

For some reason, my unguided exposures have trailing stars. 
The target will move a few hundred pixels over the coarse of the night.

Using the AP1100CP4, no encoders, CDK12 OTA, pier bolted to concrete floor in a remote dome (backyard).  1700mm focal length,  0.92 arcsec/pixel (bin2)

I've double checked every bolt from the concrete to the focuser. The system is very rigid, mirror is bonded to permanent cell. Payload is about 70lbs. 
I also pointed near zenith to eliminate any potential sag with the same inconsistent results.

Periodic Error:
Unlikely as the image is constantly moving in on direction. I checked the mount with Pempro last year with a native error of 3" peak to peak. It was about 1" with PEC on.

Using NINA and ASTAP with "high precision slews" = on
1st attempt with points every 12 degrees
2nd attempt with very fine 6 degrees apart  184 points (I only have half the sky visible)
Environmental sensor, pressure for local weather station.
Its using a sensor on the telescope which was reading RH a bit higher (92 to 99%) than the weather station value of 82%

It seems when I turn Dec-arc tracking on it gets worse.
I tied refraction correction on - off.
Both on both off
Some subs much worse than others, but moves in the same direction generally.

Here is a folder with some 300s test subs, log file, appm files. I have named them with dec arc and refraction correction on or off

Any help would be much appreciated as I've been trying to solve this for days non-stop.



Roland Christen

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