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Peter Gottstein

Same thing happened to me. My virtual ports were 21 and 22 and now there gone.  My primary port is now com 3 which also switched. Virtual ports as option 21-23 are no longer available as options. 

Peter Gottstein

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It seems strange that you have COM3 as a virtual port.   How do you have them set up?






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I'm still having intermittent problems with my Mach2 parking itself.  Today, I was running it inside, just as a test, and it parked itself after several hours of tracking fine, while the driver was connected to Stellarium.  The driver display was strange:


I tried to Unpark, and here is the result.  As you can see, it acts likes it will unpark, but it doesn't and I don't get any kind of error message or other indication of what is wrong.  The only way I can fix the problem is closing and then restarting APCC.  As you can imagine, this is very frustrating when it happens during a night of automated astrophography.  I want to emphasize that this happens out of the blue when I am not doing anything with the mount or the software and after it seems to be tracking fine for some time.

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