Re: #APCC Pro 1.9 w/ASTAP platesolve test always fails #APCC

Sébastien Doré

Hi Ray,

What’s the full name of the file? APPM might have extracted the RA/Dec coordinates from the filename. It does this for working with the files it creates.
Full filename is as highlighted below. Not sure how APPM does convert to these coordinates but most importantly, I wonder why it simply doesn't use the fits header info when it's available if that indeed what's happening ?

Regarding the DLL problem, that is probably the fault of your anti-virus program, which is likely being overly protective. J
Right, Microsoft Defender watching my back ! (Even if I didn't ask! 😉) I'm must be too used to installer asking access persmission and the like at runtime. I never turn off my A/V anymore... 

Even so, you missed the most important point I was trying to make in the subsequent paragraph of my previous message. Which is: why I cannot solve a single image using the tool: "Test Solve Images in a folder" ? I'll repost the details here for conveniance (please see log extracts in my previous post) :

Indeed, I wasn't able to have a single file solved with success even with some 4-to-3-characters-converted-extension-fits (see logs extract below)... Before you ask, both files below were successfully solved with the "Image Link Test" button (one file is the same as earlier). I noticed the parameters passed along to ASTAP are weird looking: -ra 0, -spd 90, etc.? and they do not seem configurable with this tool, unless I missed a configuration pane somewhere. End result is ASTAP can't find a solution for one image and doesn't return any output for the other (using the same command line reported in APPM log file below). Couldn't find anything useful to help troubleshoot this in the manual either, so again, thought it was worth reporting.

As for the NASA SkyView, have you tried reading the help? 
Yes, of course! (I even went further than this and queried Google about it who led me to this site: - amongst others - which wasn't very helpful in answering my specific question about APPM, which, for clarity, is NOT about the use of the "fake camera" in the run tab, but rather about that menu :

You can click the little “?” button in the upper right corner of most tabs and/or group boxes to pull up context-sensitive help.
I am aware of that too. Thing is, as said before, no window opens right after I click on the menu above... And there is nothing about that menu in the built-in help file / the link you provided... 🧐


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