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Roland Christen

You're in the right spot for super good seeing. Probably quite similar to the Keys where I used up to 1000x to view Jupiter and Saturn. Amazing laminar air flow produces some of the best seeing on the planet. And I've observed from some really great sites like Cerro Tololo in Chile. Of course they combine great seeing with super transparency.

As far as humidity, We got plenty of that here. I set up to do some imaging tonight because Clear Sky Clock said it was going to be clear. Humidity close to 100%, temperature close to 90F. Just one dark pesky cloud towards the east, no problem 'cause I'm imaging toward the west. Strangely the cloud is not moving eastward as it should. Oh well, time to go inside for a bowl of strawberries. Ok, back to the observatory - what's this, a drop landing on my head?? Oh My, a sudden cloudburst coming out of the east from Lake Michigan. My 10" Mak is pointing straight up! Rats!! Park the scope, close the roof, hurry hurry!! Just got the roof closed when the skies opened up in a biblical deluge. Had about 10 seconds to spare, and only a few drops on the corrector plate.

By the way, your FWHM results are enviable. But you'll never convince the Cloudy Nights crowd that a mount needs to be a precision piece of equipment. After all, they all seem to get round stars, some of them unguided without any kind of modeling. I don't know how they do it, I think it's magic, myself.

Finally: glad you're enjoying your mount. Stuck out tongue winking eye


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  • That is impressive. Where are you located/ I can't get seeing like that on a consistent basis, even with the mighty 17". Perhaps one night out of 20.
SW Florida, Fort Myers area.
We trade stiller air (no jet stream I think) for 100% humidity, mosquitor, and clouds most of the time in the summer.
Of course tonight may bring new surprises.   I’m dodging clouds trying to get calibrated and aligned, while one eye on the radar as a storm moves just south of me.   Murphy certainly spends a lot of time in Florida.

Roland Christen

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