Re: Dec-Arc Tracking in APCC Pro v1.9 - an explainer please?

Dale Ghent

Hey Ray, just sending this off-list. I know you're busy so don't feel the need to do an immediate response. I'm just scoping things out.

3. I don't think I need to have any considerations for meridian limits when generating the CSV since I think those are
automagically handled by APPM. Am I correct on that?
If you create a CSV file you would have to consider the meridian limits manually. Another possibility would be to create an APPM
settings file and pass that in the command line to APPM. That way the settings file would determine whether or not meridian and
horizon limits are considered for mapping points.
Ok, this part seems to be the key to how complex the logic that lays out the points will need to be. From what I can tell, the point ordering and cw-up slews are all baked into the point map file, and are not determined on the fly by APPM when the file is loaded. So it seems like I'll need to replicate the logic that's contained within the "Mapping Point Creation Strategy" on APPM's Measurement Points tab and be able to read and interpret any horizon and meridian limit info?


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