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Roland Christen

The driver being blank is an indication that you lost communication with the mount. Happened to me when my USB connection failed. When this happens in APCC the handshake is interrupted and the mount automatically parks itself to avoid slowly tracking the scope into the pier (thus avoids pier crash).


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I'm still having intermittent problems with my Mach2 parking itself.  Today, I was running it inside, just as a test, and it parked itself after several hours of tracking fine, while the driver was connected to Stellarium.  The driver display was strange:

I tried to Unpark, and here is the result.  As you can see, it acts likes it will unpark, but it doesn't and I don't get any kind of error message or other indication of what is wrong.  The only way I can fix the problem is closing and then restarting APCC.  As you can imagine, this is very frustrating when it happens during a night of automated astrophography.  I want to emphasize that this happens out of the blue when I am not doing anything with the mount or the software and after it seems to be tracking fine for some time.

Roland Christen

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