Re: Dec-Arc Tracking in APCC Pro v1.9 - an explainer please?

Dean Jacobsen

Thanks Ray. 

So, there needs to be a APPM data acquisition and then APCC applies the data as is usual for a tracking rate model.  The Dec-Arc Tracking is another layer of precision on top of the APCC tracking model that I have been using... right?

In the example that I have provided above, are the APPM settings - 3 degree declination spacing and 9 degree RA spacing - good enough for a good Dec-Arc Tracking result for a target at +60 degrees declination?  ... or should I tighten up the spacing up a little?

I suspect I am going to hear "it depends".  :-)  Perhaps longer focal lengths will require closer spacing. The spacing I am using now works great for unguided images of up to 240 sec. at 380mm and 540mm.

Dean Jacobsen
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