Re: #APCC Pro 1.9 w/ASTAP platesolve test always fails #APCC

Sébastien Doré

You found a subtle bug. :-) Try renaming the filename's extension from ".fits" to ".fit".
Yep, that did it. 

BTW, is there a place (other than through this forum) to report issues re APPC/APPM (or even enhancement requests) that we could come across or is this the correct place to ask ?

I'm asking because e.g. I also have some issues with the 3D viewer in APCC (mount position when parked is "drifting") but maybe it is only specific to my system (or my bad understanding of what is "calibration with the night sky"). Obviously, this isn't a show stopper either, but it would indeed be nice to have that feature working as expected for me.


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