Re: #APCC Pro 1.9 w/ASTAP platesolve test always fails #APCC

Ray Gralak

You found a subtle bug. :-) Try renaming the filename's extension from ".fits" to ".fit".

APPM expects the filename to have a three character extension, "fit", so it incorrectly constructed the name of the output file that
ASTAP creates with the plate solve results. Thus APPM failed because a results file with that name does not exist.

I will fix that in the next build.


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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] #APCC Pro 1.9 w/ASTAP platesolve test always fails

Using the command line thrown to ASTAP by APPM "Image link test button" and writing log to file shows that
(see below), in my case at least, image is solved correctly, even if reported otherwise by APPM.


14:24:52 astap.exe -f "C:\Users\Seb4stro\Documents\Astro-Physics\APPM\2021-08-03_00-52-03__-
5.00_300.00s_0044.fits" -ra 21.128075 -spd 158.150972222222 -fov 1.49389562130178 -s 1000 -r 10 -log
14:24:53 Creating grayscale x 2 binning image for solving/star alignment.
14:24:54 1001 stars, 771 quads selected in the image. 669 database stars, 515 database quads required for
the square search field of 1.5°. Search window at 100% based on the number of quads. Step size at 100% of
image height
14:24:54 Using star database H18
14:24:54 147 of 150 quads selected matching within 0.007 tolerance. Solution["] x:=-1.470289*x+ -
0.035516*y+ 4104.879972, y:=-0.035497*x+ 1.470341*y+ -2601.327119
14:24:54 Solution found: 21: 08 08.6 +68° 13 36 Solved in 1.3 sec. Δ was 5.2'. Mount offset Δα=29.7", Δδ=-
4.3". Used stars up to magnitude: 14.5

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