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Karen Christen

Hello Dominique and Astro-Nuts,


It seems many people are very confused about the $100 subscription.  You are NOT REQUIRED to pay the subscription fee every year!  Subscription renewal is OPTIONAL.


You will want to renew – and pay the $100 – only in one of these circumstances:

  • Your current license is more than one year old AND you want the features available in a new version.


  • You choose to support further software development.  Again, this is optional.


If your license is more than one year old and you choose to renew now, you will receive all upgrades, features, and enhancement for the next 365 days.  But there is no requirement to renew again in a year.  You can wait until another version of APCC is released with features you want, which may be a few years away, depending on how you use your equipment and what features are valuable to you. 


And to repeat – your current version of APCC will continue working forever, and you will always have access to bug fixes and minor updates for free.  We encourage you to update your software with these bug fixes/updates regularly to get the best performance. 


More questions?  We’re happy to answer them!




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I am not against this change in pricing mode, but the level seems to me to be very high, especially since this is added, for us in europe, a good VAT (20%). Even if useful evolutions are linked to the general IT environment and to new third-party software, it seems to me that the most essential are due to the evolutions carried out for the AP mounts.
After 10 years with Astro-physics, 2 APmach1, including one sold to replace it with an APmach2, an AP130GT, a 92 Stowaway ... and in August 2018 an APCC-Std version for my 2nd Mach1 / CP4 that I have able to transfer to the buyer of the latter and the need to buy a plate resolution software to model with my Mach2, I find that it charges a bit much, since it amounts to buying a new version every 5 years.
When I also think that being little English-speaking, I took the time to translate the user manuals into French and made available, with your agreement, for the most part, on AstroSurf.
Of the 4 new features Dec-Arc Tracking currently seems the most useful for me ... so assuming I stay with my current setup it would cost me $ 100 per year !!! Here is why I say that the price seems a little high to me. The $ 100 for the upgrade with its new functionalities would seem more reasonable to me, or a much lower annual rate, because with the proposed pricing we can easily arrive at a form of annuity, on these last installed functionalities.

...Or I didn't quite understand what I could read so far because I just watched Karen's last answer



Karen Christen

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