Re: APCC v1.9 and one-year renewal subscriptions #APCC


I am not against this change in pricing mode, but the level seems to me to be very high, especially since this is added, for us in europe, a good VAT (20%). Even if useful evolutions are linked to the general IT environment and to new third-party software, it seems to me that the most essential are due to the evolutions carried out for the AP mounts.
After 10 years with Astro-physics, 2 APmach1, including one sold to replace it with an APmach2, an AP130GT, a 92 Stowaway ... and in August 2018 an APCC-Std version for my 2nd Mach1 / CP4 that I have able to transfer to the buyer of the latter and the need to buy a plate resolution software to model with my Mach2, I find that it charges a bit much, since it amounts to buying a new version every 5 years.
When I also think that being little English-speaking, I took the time to translate the user manuals into French and made available, with your agreement, for the most part, on AstroSurf.
Of the 4 new features Dec-Arc Tracking currently seems the most useful for me ... so assuming I stay with my current setup it would cost me $ 100 per year !!! Here is why I say that the price seems a little high to me. The $ 100 for the upgrade with its new functionalities would seem more reasonable to me, or a much lower annual rate, because with the proposed pricing we can easily arrive at a form of annuity, on these last installed functionalities.

...Or I didn't quite understand what I could read so far because I just watched Karen's last answer



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