Dec-Arc Tracking in APCC Pro v1.9 - an explainer please?

Dean Jacobsen

Hi All,

I am interested in hearing how the new Dec-Arc feature in v1.9 works.

I set up my mount for each session.  I always know my object in advance of setup so I then run an abbreviated model which contains about 3 or 4 lines which bracket the declination of my object for the night.

This has been working great for me for about a year now at focal lengths of 380mm and 540mm.

The image below is an example of how I would set up a modeling run for an object at +60 degrees decination:

I have looked in the on line help file for APCC Pro and APPM and only see mention of the Dec-Arc feature in the "New Features" section.

So, my question is:  How do I implement this new feature other than setting the check box?  Does the Dec-Arc feature still require a "standard" APPM modeling run such as what I have been doing above?  Lastly, if I have already performed a APPM mapping run, then how will the Dec-Arc feature benefit me?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Dean Jacobsen
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