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I don’t see a price on the website.  How much for APCC?


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APCC v1.9 is now available for download at the following links and from the APCC Download Center of our website.

This version has several long-awaited and significant new features for APCC Pro:

  •          APCC Pro - Declination-Arc tracking algorithm. This new algorithm is an alternative to the normal all sky tracking model that APCC Pro uses.
  •          APCC Pro - APPM can use ASTAP for plate-solving.
  •          APCC Pro - APPM can use NINA for camera control.
  •          APCC Pro - For third-party satellite trackers, real-time RA/Dec can be returned using the :GRGD# command.

Complete Version History with all updates and bug fixes for APCC Standard and PRO versions:

Many thanks to Dale Ghent and Ray Gralak for working together to add NINA camera control to APCC. We know that many APCC users have been very interested in NINA to improve their workflow.


Since the introduction of APCC years ago, our website has stated that we intended to offer a subscription renewal option after the first year for approximately 20% of the price.  Many of you have been using APCC for years without any extra charge as we added new features and refined our pointing model.  Many features were suggested by users to streamline their workflow, provide additional information or control, integrate with other complimentary software and to safeguard your system.

The time has now come for us to implement our subscription renewal program so that we can continue to develop new features that our users have requested.

If the date of your APCC license key is August 1, 2020 or later, all of the new features outlined in the version history will be activated when you install v1.9.

If the date of your APCC license key is earlier than August 1, 2020, only the bug fixes and minor updates will be activated. To activate all the new major features, you will need to purchase a one-year renewal subscription. When that process is complete, you will receive a new license that includes the renewal date.

Major points:

  •         Renewal is optional. Your current version of APCC will continue to operate as it always has.
  •         Everyone is entitled to the bug fixes and minor updates of v1.9 and all new versions going forward regardless of whether you renew your subscription or not. We encourage you to keep your software up-to-date.
  •         The process for obtaining the one-year subscription takes you to the DigitalRiver MyCommerce e-commerce website. It is available to you at your convenience and does not require contact with our office.

You probably have many questions about this new process. We have anticipated many of these and encourage you to visit the Order and FAQ tabs of the APCC page on our website. Please take a few moments to read that first before your posting questions here.  

Thank you for supporting further development of APCC!!

Marj Christen


James (Bruce) McMath

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