Re: APCC v1.9 and one-year renewal subscriptions #APCC

Michael 'Mikey' Mangieri

Yep, that’s the way I see it!  Considering the amount of money I put into my rig (5 figures), that’s a small amount to get such great new capability – and for as long as I want it.


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W Hilmo

I don't understand your concern. You bought APCC with certain features. Apparently you were happy with what you got. It is yours forever.
You even get bug fixes for free, forever, if I understand correctly.

Now, a software engineer (I was one once, also) wrote new modules/features that you can, at your discretion, for $100.00.

Don't think of it as a subscription, because it really isn't. It's new software that you can purchase.
Prineville, Oregon

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