Re: APCC v1.9 and one-year renewal subscriptions #APCC


New to Astro-Physics mounts and all the associated software but I am slowly making my way through it.
One thing I noticed which may need a little clarification is on this page:
Under 'Important Installation Information' it states: "Do you have to uninstall previous versions?  If your installed version is earlier than, you must UNINSTALL all previous version of APCC."
However, in looking at this page:
and the APCC Pro Manual on page 50 (which was released August 14, 2021), it states "If you are updating from v1.8.8.17 or an earlier version, you must uninstall any previous version of APCC in the Windows Control Panel. This is due to the new version of the Eltima Virtual
Ports Driver (V9) that will be installed."

I am currently on version so it sounds like I need to uninstall APCC pro first? And settings will not be impacted and previous license information can still be recognized?
I assume the latest PDF of APCC is correct?


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