Re: Ugghhh cross threaded CW shaft into CW shaft adapter with metal threaded sleeve

Cheng-Yang Tan

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Well, its unfortunate that you were enable to save any parts from this endeavor, cytan. 

It's part of the hobby, I guess :) I ordered a new CW shaft and CW adapter just now. AP is checking whether they have spare sleeves, I'd get one as well. Right now, I have a CW adapter without a sleeve which is rather useless.

The good thing is that I have a spare CW adapter and CW shaft, so I'm actually ok.

It never happened to me and I am not mechanically savy either, but I wonder if putting anything at all on the threads is a good idea... I would think any sticky/oily substance makes particulates stick and accumulate over time much faster on the threaded parts, which kind of defeat the reason of putting the antiseize in the first place... My thinking may be wrong and I shall stand corrected, but I always thought of using anti-seize stuff only when there is a risk of oxydation/corrosion on the metal mating parts (which is less likely with SS).

The graphite lubricant I used is dry, so it's not sticky after application. The guys did suggest using anti-seize because they use it all the time on their SS bolts and nuts. But it's a messy lube.


I wonder if a simple toothbrush/dry cloth cleaning before threading the shaft is enough in our use case ? 


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Well, the guys got it off by milling the sleeve so that it is thin enough to untwist the sleeve from the shaft. 

Once the sleeve is off, you can see that the threads on the CW shaft are gouged:

Inline image

I had used this spray on the threads to hopefully prevent this problem:

Maybe that's not the type of lube that I should use?

Speaking as a non-mechanical person:

Since both the sleeve and the CW are made of stainless steel (I checked that the sleeve is SS with a magnet), I think there's always a danger of SS on SS gouging. I'm wondering whether the sleeve can be made of brass which is self-lubricating?


P.S. I'll be ordering a new CW shaft + adapter today ...

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