Re: AP V2 driver, move axis command help.

Ray Gralak


The commands to the mount look okay to me. I can't explain why the Dec axis wasn't moving. Did you say you actually were physically at the mount to see movement? The dec axis would take 90 seconds from Park 3 to the celestial equator at one degree per second. It may not seem very fast.

All commands to start and stop the mount movement were issued by the client application, not the AP V2 driver. In some cases you did not wait very long before releasing so the mount didn't have time to ramp up speed. Also, since the driver polls the mount at 1-second intervals the position can be delayed by up to one second.


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Sorry I did not have logging enabled. It's the first time that I do this.
I enabled logging and created a new .zip file, attached.

Regarding the move axis, I push the buttons in the client software, not in the driver window.
You are correct. I was pushing north and south with the mount in park 3 position. I then moved the mount east and
south and the nudge arrows were working as expected.

Regarding the duration of the nudge command. It works fine, I saw the driver change from custom rate to sidereal
but the dec axis was actually moving sorry for reporting that incorrectly.

It seems that the direction buttons work as expected but the movement speed is much lower than what the driver
is showing in the custom rate windows.

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