Re: Ugghhh cross threaded CW shaft into CW shaft adapter with metal threaded sleeve


  • Tried freezing and boiling water, but I can't get it off. The problem is that I don't have the right tools to do this.


Do you have two strap wrenches?


I’d start with those.   Or if you have soft grips on a vice even better for the shaft (not the threads), but that’s less common to have sitting around.  Strap wrenches you can buy at any home improvement store, and are pretty safe (well, don’t slip and drop the bar on your toe, but unlike metal wrenches you won’t mar up the bar with a strap wrench).


The problem with heat/cold is that I think both are stainless and probably change together, though it may be worth while freezing all of it really cold, then having boiling water standing by and dunk just the end into the boiling water and very quickly afterwards try turning with the strap wrench.  The idea being to expand just the adapter end.  


But frankly I suspect temperature is not going to help, as heat conducts very quickly in steel.


You can also try penetrating oil on the threads just so once it moves at all, it will be easier to keep going.


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