AP V2 driver, move axis command help.

Andy Ermolli

I am having a weird issue with the AP V2 driver. Currently I use the version v5.21.01. The mount is a Mach1 GTOCP3 with the V chip and I am not using the hand controller. 
This happens with both SGP and NINA. If I connect the mount and I try to nudge the mount with the direction keys in either software the mount will not move at the requested speed. I think the software is issuing a move axis command to the mount. I have the move rate set at 5 degrees per second. 

When I push the button I see the custom tracking rate in the driver window change to 1195.7233, that is either in Dec or RA depending on which button I pushed. However the mount will only move in the requested direction at the sidereal speed instead of 1195.7233x.
If I move the mount using the buttons in the driver window, then it will move at the correct speed set in the driver window.

Since this happens with two different programs I think it may be related to the driver, unless I am missing something?
This has not been an issue so far but now I am unable to use the three point polar alignment routine in NINA because the mount does not move fast enough between points. It does it at the sidereal rate and that would take hours.

Maybe there is a setting int he driver that I am unaware of? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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