Re: Ugghhh cross threaded CW shaft into CW shaft adapter with metal threaded sleeve

Don Anderson

It is not likely that the shaft and adapter are actually cross threaded. You would have know if that happened since you would not have been able to thread the shaft all the way in.
It is possible that there was some contamination on the threads of either the shaft or the adapter when you made the connection. Try heating the adapter with boiling water. That may
expand it enough to enable you to tap it loose with the mallet.
Hope this helps

Don Anderson

On Sunday, August 15, 2021, 11:11:59 a.m. MDT, Cheng-Yang Tan via <cytan299@...> wrote:

Hi guys,
   Well, there are some people in this Universe who are blessed with the talent of not being able to do anything mechanical -- I'm one of those. My fear of cross threading the CW shaft into the CW adapter has finally come true :( :

As I untwisted the shaft out of the adapter (cursing and swearing + tapping with mallet on a long hex driver inserted into a hole in the adapter), instead of the shaft coming off, the metal sleeve came off with the shaft :(

Any ideas about how I can remove the shaft from the adapter?

And the best part was that I had actually lubed the threads of CW shaft so that I wouldn't do this.



P.S. The good thing is that I still have the old version of the CW adapter and an extra CW shaft, so technically, the AP1100 is still fine.

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