Re: Ugghhh cross threaded CW shaft into CW shaft adapter with metal threaded sleeve

Christopher Erickson

Your friendly local machine shop will be able to deal with this without a problem.

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-Christopher Erickson
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On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 7:11 AM Cheng-Yang Tan via <> wrote:
Hi guys,
   Well, there are some people in this Universe who are blessed with the talent of not being able to do anything mechanical -- I'm one of those. My fear of cross threading the CW shaft into the CW adapter has finally come true :( :

As I untwisted the shaft out of the adapter (cursing and swearing + tapping with mallet on a long hex driver inserted into a hole in the adapter), instead of the shaft coming off, the metal sleeve came off with the shaft :(

Any ideas about how I can remove the shaft from the adapter?

And the best part was that I had actually lubed the threads of CW shaft so that I wouldn't do this.



P.S. The good thing is that I still have the old version of the CW adapter and an extra CW shaft, so technically, the AP1100 is still fine.

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