Re: Serial to ethernet #WiFi

Sébastien Doré

Hi David,

3 things quickly come to my mind:

- While that’s not a reason for it « not to work », the PoE feature may be useless depending on if your router supports it or not (usually requires a beefy power supply) or if you plan to upgrade to one that supports it in the future. That company sells a similar model without PoE which is likely to be cheaper (I have not checked). Of course, for similar pricing, it is a nice to have.

- They don’t specify environmental operating conditions in the datasheet, so you might want to check with them if it is suited for outdoor (temperature range, high humidity, etc) or at least for likely conditions at your observing place/observatory.

- last, the Ethernet speed supported is 10/100 Mbps ONLY (no 1000 Mbps, ie 1Gbps) so make sure your router supports 10 or 100 (or both) otherwise it will NOT work (the underlying « protocol » is different for each speed).

Clear skies!

Le 15 août 2021 à 08:10, David Diaz <night.skywatcher@...> a écrit :

Is there any reason this
iTach TCP/IP to Serial (RS232) With Power Over Ethernet
would not work if I plugged the GTOCP3 serial connector into this device, and then to my portable, wireless router?


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