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Ray Gralak

Hi Joe,


It's hard to say what resulted by disabling the virtual port. If you uninstall APCC it will uninstall the Eltima virtual port driver. Then when reinstalling APCC, make sure to enable the checkbox to install the Eltima virtual driver again. This should put the virtual ports in the default state.


Note: the virtual ports that APCC creates only exist while APCC is running, so you won't see them in Device Manager when APCC is not active.


And, normally, you won't need to manually create the virtual ports. APCC will automatically allocate appropriate port numbers. And APCC will configure the ASCOM driver if "Auto-Config" is enabled in the AP V2 Driver group box, as shown here:






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> I disabled a virtual port in device manager on win 10 PC and now when i create ports in APCC it does create the

> ports in APCC but not in my device manager so I cannot connect to V2 . Does anyone know how i can enable

> virtual port i disabled. There is no port showing up in device manager so i cant enable it there. I have deleted and

> reloaded APCC and V2 and Ascom but no help . I have checked "enable virtual ports" when i reloaded APCC.

> Driving me nuts.   Thanks in advance Joe

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