Re: Mach 2 + 12.5" AGO iDK?

Bill Long

Yeah the impressive thing for me isn't just the scope, as the Mach 2 can easily handle that within specification. It was how loaded down the total system was, it's size, AND the total length of the system at critical focus. 68 lbs of gear at that size and total length is asking a lot.

No problem for the Mach 2 though. 

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Back many years ago while waiting for my AP1100 mount, I had no issues imaging with my Mach 1 with my C14 black tube, so Im not really surprised that the Mach 2 can handle a 12.5” AGO and bigger.

Though, I ended up moving up to an AP1600 for my 12.5” AGO and 17” PW for my portable setup.  I might not have a collection of AP scopes but Im building my mount collection.  Still think the Mach 1 is the best looking one but my AP1600 AE is the best tracking mount that I have ever had bar none. 

Joe B

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