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Linda Thomas

Well…I let the “I’m going to set the park to last parked” dialog time out and it stayed parked which is exactly what we wanted so maybe there isn’t an issue. Or the setting change that George suggested caused it to work the way I expected. I could swear I saw it start tracking after that which is what got me worried. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if its consistent or not. For the moment, all appears to be good.

Thanks, everyone, for your help. It is very much appreciated!

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If I don’t hit cancel on the operation that says it’s going to unpark on me, then it does unpark and doesn’t repark. At least that is what i think is happening but I will verify that as soon as I can.

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Hi Linda, 

4. Make sure to hit cancel before it auto unparks anyway

As Howard said, unparking is part of the mount initialization operations. 

APCC will initialize the mount, including the unpark operation, but then immediately repark the mount. Is it not doing that?

That said, afterward, I think APCC wants to reset the the unpark-type to "from last parked position". Is that the issue?


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Here is the mount related portion of the startup:

1. power on the mount from the remote power switch
2. start apcc
3. click initialize (it’s set to don’t unpark and currently track to zero).
4. Make sure to hit cancel before it auto unparks anyway

Then it’s on to starting up other gear. is that sufficient? If anything else would help, let me know.

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Hi linda,
What is your startup procedure - step by step?

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