Re: APCC "don't unpack" question

Sam Saeed

Thank you George. I have the same issue. 

Here’s another question:
In the “Park” window under the “Unpark” section, should the “Stop Tracking after unparking” be checked or unchecked with this scenario?

Sam Saeed

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Two things to do:
1- Open "Edit ASCOM Drive Settings" and expand it to show the 2nd section.  Uncheck the "Enable Mount Tracking on Unpark" box; then click OK to exit
2- Open "Edit Initialize Mount Settings" and set the "Set Tracking Rate" to "Zero" in the dropdown.



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I’m currently part of an imaging team that is using an AP1600 and we’re using APCC. Currently, the initialization is set to “don’t unpark” which is what we want but upon initilization, APCC seems to think we didn’t really mean it and tells us if we don’t hit cancel within a certain window it is going to unpark on us anyway.

Is there a way to prevent that behavior? We’d really like APCC to believe us when we said not to unpark.



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