Re: APCC Setup help request for new AP1100

Ray Gralak

Hi Dave,

I am glad you solved the connection issue!


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Hi Ray,

Thanks for your replies. I thing this situation is now resolved, and I’m posting this for closure and maybe for
information helping others.

I listened when you mentioned that most ethernet connections occur via a switch and that my peer-to-peer direct
connection was non-standard.

Rather than bug Daleen and George, I simply purchsed an ethernet switch and inserted it in the ethernet path
between my computer and my CP-4.

I then had an operative ‘magnify glass’ button and selected the only available IP address. Then clicked ‘connect
to APver2 Driver’ and got error message.

I then clicked ‘connect to mount’ and was instantly connected to the mount. I had changed nothing else.
Everything now seems functional and proper. All seems well.

Clearly, there was somethinbg I had missed.

I will have fun now. Thanks for your help.


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