Re: Is the apcc license transferable when I sell my old mount with CP4?


The current license agreement does not allow transfer of any version of APCC. However, we are reviewing the policy and considering amending the license agreement to allow transfers with the sale of a mount.


I think what you are referring to is APAE, which is the Astro-Physics Absolute Encoder Utility. This is the software program that we provided to early users of the absolute encoders before APCC was updated to include control. The license agreement states:

APAE: This Software Product may be transferred without charge along with the AstroPhysics mount on which the Absolute Encoders are installed. You must provide AstroPhysics with the name and address of the person to whom you are transferring the rights granted herein. The recipient must provide a bill of sale and agree in writing to all terms of this License Agreement in order to have the Software registered in their name.


I hope this clarifies the issue.


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There is a mention of the pro version with encoders but not the standard in the license agreement.
Thanks, Tom

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