APCC Setup help request for new AP1100


In days past, I thought of myself as a smart guy.  I am aging, and finding opportunities to question the continuing  truth of that assessment.  I'm sure you ship new 1100GTO each month, yet this forum is not littered with messages from folks who cannot make their mount turn on.  So clearly, I am remiss somehow.

I love this mount.  It looks and feels solid and dependable.  Non-tracking star trails of five minutes are beautifully straight at at 2850mm FL.  I have mounted a 14 inch F8 ACF, camera, filter wheels, moonlight focuser and 106# of counterweight.  Rough balance is complete.
The CP-4 is connected to the control room computer via 100 ft of ethernet.  This cable has been rung out- using 200 ohms between pins 1 and 8 -the proper cable is connected.  The observatory power bus reads 12.95 VDC.  The CP-4 shows a red pilot light and an amber light at the ethernet port.  I have ASCOM  6.5 service pack 1;   driver AP ver 2 5.30.10;   APCC Pro setup pdf.  Alternative ethernet cables are available.

I have selected UDP LAN.
When I follow the startup process in the printed CP-4 manual supplied with this new mount, on pages 28 and 29, I believe I have properly completed through step 6c.  Note: at this point, on the 'setup' screen, there is NO firmware version shown in the 'firmware' window box.  The following page (30) does not describe what I should do next.  Page 30 describes workflow when using third-party software.  Didn't know how to proceed, so I guessed and pressed 'connect to mount' button.  The response was unsatisfactory.  I saw a window claiming "Invalid firmware version ("V" or later required-No response from mount".  Also, flashing pink UDP button...

Having read and forgotten this entire help manual two months ago, I moved on and found on page 68, describing ethernet connections and the directive to click the " Find GTOCP4/GTOCP5 (magnifying glass) button.  That button seems 'grayed out'; in any case it is non-responsive.  Following the guidance on page 70 I created a host name GTOCP4_1338  and also tried GTO_CP4_1338 host name.  Clicking Connect to APV2 driver returned a few windows I clicked through (sure you wish to reconfigure the ascom driver-OK) (please restart the driver -OK) (the driver has been updated successfully) .

Click 'connect to mount' yields flashing pink buttons NO RESPONSE FROM MOUNT and the same 'Invalid firmware'... window described above.

Inappropriate speech followed.  Rereading the printed manual provided no further guidance.  I viewed the youTube videos but they seem to contradict the pdf, or perhaps I don't understand.  I declare cluelessness.

Can I hire someone for some reasonable rate (say $100 to $200) to hold my hand and walk me through this setup process step-by-step by telephone, until my new mount is actually tracking stars, and functional for PA adjustment? And hopefully teach me enough that if/when it hiccups in the future I might find my own unassisted path to a fix...

In years past, I have worked with Mathematica, Matlab, written code, and designed and implemented electro-optical-mechanical experiments for 30 years.  I won't be a totally clueless basket case, but I might not be much help.

Thanks.  Dave.

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