Re: Preventing Pier Crashes

Eric Dreher

Even not running APCC, pier crashes are not impossible.

The following happened about two weeks ago.  I was at the scope, setting up RD to observe activities from inside my home, with a NUC atop my rig.  I'm completely portable, so I need to PA every time I'm photographing.

Using SharpCap, I was slewing my scope to the 90 deg move needed when it just kept on going.  The driver emergency stop was completely non-functional and useless as I watched my Mach1 pier crash for the first time.  I jumped up and disconnected the power cable from my CP4 and started from scratch.

The first thing I checked was my cables.  As soon as I touched the CAT5 at the CP4, it literally fell out of the RJ45 connector.  Apparently I hadn't double-checked the physical connection when plugging in the cable earlier, and it had lost connection at the perfect time to start the slew but not allow it to stop when I released the driver "handset"button.

Things happen.  Never say never.  Cable duplicates are a must to have on-hand.  The CAT 5 wasn't defective, but it couldn't gone bad just the same, and with the same results.

Yes, I do have spare motor cables, as well as everything else.

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