Re: APPM Basic questions

Joe Zeglinski said:


  •     I keep wondering why you haven’t yet printed the actual HELP file. It is very well written and a pleasant read.  You can do that with most help files, as I have done. Prints as a PDF document.


  •     I prefer reading printed documents rather than boob-tube screens, unless I am in a hurry and need to enter a search word for faster “specific”  references - much like referencing the Index volume of a set of Encyclopaedias  :-)


We are somewhat the opposite.  By far I prefer to read on line, especially since something will trigger a thought, and I can do a text search in seconds rather than paging through … well, pages.


In this case my issue was I did not realize the help file was useful.  Most software I get the help file is somewhere from empty to a copy of the manual – if there even is a manual.  All too often it is a “just run it, it will be obvious” attitude.


I do have a printer.  Have to print UPS labels on something.  😊


  •    But then,  I’m “old school”.  Check into it.


I’m old.  And I went to school.  😊


Sometimes I even went to class. Though I confess to taking Astronomy 101 as a General Educational Elective (as opposed to say, Art History, in which I might have committed suicide).


I really do like reading manuals.  My earliest professional computer work was with DEC VMS, and it had a huge Orange Wall of binders of manuals (yes, paper, but who imagined Kindles then).  Now you get most products with a “quick start guide”, often in bad translations and obsolete by when you get it.


Glad to see AP actually HAS manuals.  Well, and Help Files.  Mea Culpa.


A big problem I have with manuals is they often are bad at “why”.  They frequently tell you “what”, sometimes “how”, but rarely explain the rationale behind it.  Got to give AP credit – their manuals (and help) come much closer to injecting  “Why” in there (you could always add a bit more, of course).




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