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Joe Zeglinski

Hi Linwood,
    I keep wondering why you haven’t yet printed the actual HELP file. It is very well written and a pleasant read.  You can do that with most help files, as I have done. Prints as a PDF document.
    I prefer reading printed documents rather than boob-tube screens, unless I am in a hurry and need to enter a search word for faster “specific”  references - much like referencing the Index volume of a set of Encyclopaedias  :-)
   But then,  I’m “old school”.  Check into it.

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Linwood wrote:


  • One last question (ok, probably never such a thing)… is there a document that explains more about the meaning of the various model properties.  Or maybe what I am asking is whether any of those values are actionable for a user – if my Tube Flexure quadrupled (for example) with the same gear, does that tell me to DO anything?   Or are these more essentially constants in a very complex curve fit designed to minimize pointing errors, and despite real world derivation may not individually mean anything?


So I started reading the APCC help file and found definitions of these values.  I really need a 30 minute delay on emails.  😊


READ THE HELP FILES NOT JUST THE MANUALS.  I’ll have that printed large somewhere near my monitor. 


Sigh… sorry for the interruptions.


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