Re: APPM Basic questions

Ray/Linwood Wrote:


  • Have you already read the APCC help section for APPM? There's lots of information in there that can get you started.


  • I read the manual (twice), but probably not the help file, I take it that’s different than the manual.  Tomorrow...


Excellent pointer.  I found all sorts of tidbits in there I had to discover otherwise.  I thought I had prepared by reading the manual (usually the help file is just portions of a manual).  Lesson learned. Read all of APPM, now going back to APCC.


Thank you.


  • My main question, as related to this night, was I could only model  2/3rds of the sky, and was wondering if using that model was helpful, or pointless.  I’ll hopefully find guidance in the help file tomorrow.  Pulled it all in tonight, it got “clear” but so hazy there was no point in imaging.


  • No one can tell you that because every setup is different. However, you can try using the model afterwards to see how it performs.


Fair enough.  In reading the help file I also see how you can test a model by running shorter pointing runs to see the accuracy.  Nice.


I also compared my small model to an even smaller (due to clouds) and max error was almost double on the cloudy one.  So at least intuitively that makes sense.  (Still pretty small though).


One last question (ok, probably never such a thing)… is there a document that explains more about the meaning of the various model properties.  Or maybe what I am asking is whether any of those values are actionable for a user – if my Tube Flexure quadrupled (for example) with the same gear, does that tell me to DO anything?   Or are these more essentially constants in a very complex curve fit designed to minimize pointing errors, and despite real world derivation may not individually mean anything?




PS. If the clouds would abate I would be less interested in theory.  😊   Last night I waited about 3.5 hours and it stayed high hazy clouds, so I pulled everything in early.  But at least I got to practice.  Despite the clouds guiding around 0.3” steadily.  Goto landed the target right in the center (at least to the eye). Darn fine hardware/software!

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