Re: PSA- Check your gear mesh! (Older mounts)

M Hambrick

I set up and take down my 1100 mount every night that I use it. In doing so I found that running the Y-cable outside the mount instead of through it saves several minutes of setup and takedown time. Astro-Physics sells a longer version of the Y-cable for this purpose, but the tradeoff is that even though the cable is longer, it can still get caught on the various knobs and projections when slewing the mount. If this happens the cable can be seriously damaged.

You would be surprised how quickly a cable can get snagged when the mount is slewing at 600 or 1200X. I have learned the hard way to pay close attention to cable management and to keep a finger on the keypad stop button any time I am slewing the mount. In one incident I was slewing the mount and failed to check my camera cables. The main power cable to my camera got caught between one of the DEC axis clutch knobs and gearbox housing and it completely cut through the outer insulation and severed a couple of the individual conductors.

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