Re: APPM Basic questions

Ray wrote:


  • Have you already read the APCC help section for APPM? There's lots of information in there that can get you started.


I read the manual (twice), but probably not the help file, I take it that’s different than the manual.  Tomorrow...


My main question, as related to this night, was I could only model 2/3rds of the sky, and was wondering if using that model was helpful, or pointless.  I’ll hopefully find guidance in the help file tomorrow.  Pulled it all in tonight, it got “clear” but so hazy there was no point in imaging.


  • If you don’t tear down or significantly change your setup, you can usually use the same model for many nights. However, if the model starts to become inaccurate, then you may need to redo it. For example, if the polar alignment changes because of mount settling, or the temperature change is significant enough to measurably change equipment flexure.


I do tear down completely.  I try to reproduce the same setup by setting the tripod legs into drilled holes, but there’s always some slop from wheeling it in and out, removing and reinstalling the OTA, etc.   I have no faith a prior model would be valid.  Maybe I can do some on consecutive nights and see how they vary.


  • BTW, if it is just shifting polar alignment causing an issue, you might try tweaking polar alignment outside of APCC (e.g. via PEMPro, SharpCap, PHD2, polar alignment scope, etc.). Then do a RECAL in APPM, and the model should work well again.


I do a polar alignment first thing, either Sharpcap or NINA (they do agree).


Thanks for the response.




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