Re: Automation software sent Rcal while parking...mount stopped.

Ray Gralak


There are safeguards in the AP V2 driver and APCC that prevent RECALs at inappropriate times, but it sounds like the ASCOM client application (Volager) may have stopped tracking in the middle of the park operation. Unchecking "prevent errant recalls" would not have helped.


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Running APCC on an AP1600 with CP4. While running Voyager last night I observed something interesting. I
was testing my shutdown procedure for cloudy weather to verify it works properly. So the weather station sees
clouds and my software (Voyager) notices and issues a park command. But it happens when an image is being
plate solved. As the mount is parking the plate is solved and the software sends what I assume is an Rcal to the
mount. The mount reports the Rcal is too far from the reported position. The mount stops and parks in
position...half way from where it was and its intended park position. If I issue another park command manually at
that point the mount parks fine.

These sort of things are always hard to diagnose as

So... I would think once the mount gets a park command it would no longer accept Rcals. Is this what is
happening? Is there a setting I missed in either the driver or APCC to prevent this? For example, if I uncheck
prevent errant ReCals will i create more problems for myself or will the mount park correctly.? I assume if I do
uncheck "prevent errant ReCals" the next time the mount starts it may be lost.

Thanks for your help!



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