Re: Preventing Pier Crashes

Ray Gralak


Was the pier collision you mention in a counterweight-down, or counterweight-up position? If it was counterweight-down, do you recall the circumstances?


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Hi Alex

I am not yet using APCC to control my mount, but I will relate the behavior that I have observed on my 1100 GTO
(Non-AE) with the Keypad controller. When I first got the mount I set up safe zone limits for my particular imaging
train. In doing so I mistakenly thought that this would prevent any pier crashes during slewing, but this is not the
case. The safe zone limits will only prevent you from selecting a catalog object to go to that is outside the safe
zone. If you select an object that is inside the safe zone, the mount will slew to it according to the slewing
instructions that are programmed into the keypad, and depending on the geometry of your imaging train, you can
get a pier crash.


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