Re: Current manuals electronically?

Steve C. Mitchell, Sr., O.D.

Hey Linwood,


I’ve had my AP100 non AE since March of 2020, before the SHTF! I have never been sorry for the purchase, can’t believe how wonderful a “premium” mount really is. I got lucky and there was one in stock at OPT when my CGE Pro died and I grabbed it. No waiting or ordering; lucky me! I’ve had more than one Meade fork mounted SCT and the last mount before this one was a Celestron CGE Pro which died and couldn’t be repaired barely over one year in service. Altogether I probably could have bought at least two AP1100’s, years ago, and never looked back. Experience; there is no substitute for that, but when you finally wise up, you are never sorry.

The folks at AP are top notch! First of all, it takes good, honest people to make a great product and AP has both those qualities!! Not to mention their excellent workmanship! They’ve gotta have a machine shop to envy.


A very happy AP1100 camper!




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  • The 1100 and CP4 manuals on the website are now up to date. I apologize that we did not catch this earlier. I also realized that the manuals that were copied onto the USB drives sent with the mounts were also not current. So, new mount owners may wish to substitute the current versions on their USB drives. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


Well, you folks had the priorities right, get the mounts out the door!   😊


Mine’s been wonderful, in all of two nights I could get it out.  Great guiding, easy to use and setup.


And proof someone reads the things you folks put all that effort into writing!






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