Mach2 runaway behavior

Luca Marinelli

The last few nights I have been experiencing runaway behavior with the Mach2 when the imaging sequence starts in SGP. The target is in Cygnus, in the Eastern sky and when SGP issues the first slew the mount starts rotating West in RA, Dec doesn't move, until it strikes the pier and motor stall errors start flying. At this point, I issue a Find Home command and then start the sequence over and everything works properly. This is similar to problems I had encountered when switching APCC Pro from the AP1100 to the Mach2. The solution there was to delete the Settings file and start over, which I attempted today. Unfortunately, it didn't fix the problem. When I launched the sequence, the mount slewed in RA only until the OTA hit the pier. 

I have posted the APCC logs here:

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.



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